Advanced Topics, C Period, Fourth Quarter, 2016-2017
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Writing Day Class: Sorting and Searching: Selection, Insertion; Introduce Project-Analysis of a Sorting Algorithm; Pick a Card: Merge, Quick, Shell
Class: Sorting and Searching: Merge Sort, Linear Search Class: Sorting and Searching: Binary Search

HW: Start thinking about project
HW: HW: Project-SortingAlgorithmAnalysis begun
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Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break

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Class: Binary search; Hashes, conceptual Class: Instructor gone. Complete course evaluation. Read about Hashes. The Map ADT, implementing HashTable in Python
Class: Conclude HashTable implementation; Introduction to Project-Elevator

HW: Upload HW: Write HashTable class, run
HW: sorting_algorithm_analysis.pdf due on server at 23:59:59
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Class: Project-Elevator
Class: Project-Elevator, intro to Trees Class: Trees: Abstraction, Nodes and References; Binary Tree as list of lists

HW: Continue working on Elevator class
HW: Complete Elevator class HW:

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Class: Trees: Binary Tree as collection of Nodes Class: Trees: Fully parenthesized expressions and parse trees
Class: Trees: Traversing trees: preorder, inorder, postorder; intro to heaps Class: Intro to GitHub, Python script to use Gmail; Video: Minecraft-Mojang

HW: Complete BinaryTree class, run HW: Test your parse_tree evaluation
HW: Online reading quiz HW: Relax!
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Class: Trees; creating and maintaining a minHeap using a list Class: Introduction to Graphs: ADT, Adjacency Matrix, Adjacency List
Class: Graphs: Testing basic Vertex and Graph classes. Intro to Breadth-First Traversal

HW: HW: Enter code for Vertex and Graph classes (from website) and test them
HW: Pet & Hobby Show
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Francis Wass Day Class: Graphs
Class: Graphs Class: Graphs

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Class: Class:

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Class: Class: