Unit 0 - Beginning of Course

You'll need to do all of these things at the start of the school year. Contact the instructor immediately if you have any difficulty completing these.

  1. Read Course Policies.
  2. Fill out Student Info form.
  3. Install Installing Bash on Windows 10 (Windows users only).
  4. Install Python 3.
  5. Get the textbook for our course, John Zelle's excellent Python Programming: An introduction to computer science, 2nd Edition. ©2010, Franklin, Beedle & Associates. ISBN-13: 860-1200643879
  6. Read Turning in Work.
  7. Read Working Efficiently.
  8. Download and install

Unit 1 - Intro to our course

Unit 2 - Programming Fundamentals

Unit 3 - More Programming Fundamentals

Unit 4 - Sorting and Searching Algorithms

Unit 6 - Data Structures: Dictionaries and Classes

Unit 5 - Introduction to Computer Graphics