Previous Announcements


Welcome to Second Quarter!

Can you believe this class is just about half-way finished? I feel like we just got started, and we've got so much more to do!

Here's the short list of things we've still got ahead of us:

  • more sorting and searching
  • 2-D arrays, simulations
  • image processing
  • graphics and game design
  • HTML/CSS and mobile-ready (responsive) website design
  • independent project

Geez, we better get started!

I'll see you in class...!


Welcome back from Trips Week!

I hope you had a chance to rest some and enjoy a little time away from your keyboard this past week. It's always good to take a break once in a while!

This week, we're jumping right back into things: finishing up your program, and learning how to manipulate strings. We've got some great activities coming up for you!

I'm looking forward to it. I'll see you in class!


It only gets better from here!

You worked on your program last week, and we're going to continue expanding on the skills that you've worked to develop to this point.

More games and more skills to come this week... keep up the good work!

See you in class!


Are you ready for some Python?!

The week begins with a quiz—nothing too crazy, don't worry!—followed by some more Python syntax... and later this week, our first Project! It's just a little one to get us warmed up.

In the meantime, I loved your biography.txt paragraphs. You all are hilarious.

Oh, and Back-to-School Night is this Thursday! Always a treat, meeting your parents!

See you in class!


Happy Labor Day!

We've had a really good start to the year learning the Terminal and some of the basic commands. And now... NOW!... things are going to start getting interesting! We'll be taking care of some final configuration of your machines, securing your account on the course server, and writing our first program in Python. Finally!

I can't wait!

I'll see you in class.


Welcome to your Computer Science class!

It will be my pleasure to be working with you this semester. You've elected to take this class, and it's my goal to make this one of your favorite classes: intriguing, challenging, entertaining, creative, and fun.

Hang on for the ride: I think you're going to love it!

See you in class.


Happy Summer!

June and July were pretty fun, and now it's August, with the new school year closing in fast. We're going to have an absolutely awesome semester in here—the class has been updated and improved, for your computer programming pleasure!

I think you're going to love it!

See you soon!