I'm a full-time teacher that spends a fairly large amount of time working on a computer. After 25 years of using Macintosh computers full-time, I decided to switch to using a Linux laptop as my primary machine. These pages describe my experience and offer some ideas on how you might do the same.

From MacBook Air to Dell XPS 13

Macbook Air 13"
Image courtesy Kris Mendoza

I used a MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2013) for three years, and considered it one of the best computers I'd ever owned. When Apple stopped updating that line in 2016 in favor of a new product line that no longer seemed to justify the price difference, I decided to pursue other options.

I've used Ubuntu for a number of years on other machines I own—a home media server, a server I use with my Computer Science students at school—so I wasn't completely unfamiliar with Linux.

And to be fair, I still use Apple hardware and software in a variety of ways. But maybe a laptop running Ubuntu would be a good alternative to my current MacBook Air?

If you're curious, here's a little bit about why I switched.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
Image courtesy Dell

These pages are a brief description of how that process took place. In the Recipes pages you'll find overviews of the process I went through.

These aren't step-by-step detailed instructions for users who have never touched a Linux machine before. But if you've dabbled in Linux a little and given some thought about making the jump yourself, these hints may be of use to you.

If you have questions, comments, or corrections to the information on these pages, feel free to address them to the email given below.

Best wishes in your transition to Linux!