Online Teacher/Course/Text Evaluation Results

In April, 2017, I asked students to complete an online evaluation form for this course. In this form, they indicated how strongly they agreed or disagreed with twenty-three statements, and had the opportunity to submit written comments on six additional questions. Evaluations were performed in-class when the instructor was not present, and submitted anonymously via a web-based evaluation form.

Many thanks to my students for their honest feedback on these forms!

The results of the "multiple-choice" responses are summarized here. Values in parentheses, where presented, indicate averages from the previous year.

5-Strongly Agree
1-Strongly Disagree
4. I enjoy taking this class. 4.22 (4.52)
5. I learn a lot in this class. 4.78 (4.67)
6. The information in this class will be useful in the future. 3.89 (3.83)
7. This class is difficult for me. 3.78 (3.90, 4.27)
8. This class has a lot of homework. 4.11 (3.60)
9. I complete homework assignments regularly. 3.33 (4.53)
10. The textbook in this class is useful to me. 3.44 (3.63)
11. The teacher in this class is useful to me. 4.89 (4.80)
12. The teacher demonstrates enthusiasm for the subject. 4.78 (4.97)
13. The teacher is respectful of students. 4.56 (4.63)
14. The teacher wants me to succeed. 4.56 (4.63)
15. The teacher presents course material in a clear, straightforward manner. 4.44 (4.28)
16. The teacher presents course material using variety of techniques. 4.33 (4.17)
17. The teacher checks to ensure that students understand the material. 4.44 (4.34)
18. The teacher is available outside of class for individual help. 4.50 (4.25)
19. Class time is used effectively. 4.11 (4.17)
20. Course objectives are clearly stated. 4.11 (4.40)
21. Grading criteria are clearly communicated. 4.00 (4.47)
22. Assignments are meaningful and reflect the course objectives. 3.89 (4.33)
23. The presentations (either PowerPoint-based or website-based) are useful to me outside of class. 4.22 (4.00)
24. The presentations (either PowerPoint-based or website-based) improve the quality of the teacher's lectures. 4.22 (4.33)
25. The presentations (either PowerPoint-based or website-based) are effective in helping me understand the material. 4.44 (4.37)
27. For assistance in coursework, students who ask other students for help: 28/30
27. For assistance in coursework, students who search online for help: 24/30
27. For assistance, students who refer to textbook 23/30
27. For assistance, students who email instructor 5/30
27. For assistance, students who use office hours 11/30
27. For assistance, students who ask a family member 4/30
27. For assistance, students who ask a tutor 0/30

Results from the "free response" questions are given here. Not all written comments have been listed, but the comments that are given are representative of what was received.

28. List a few of your favorite things about this class. I really enjoy the enthusiasm and the material is presented in an engaging and fun manner. Class is always enjoyable because we are learning about cool stuff that I genuinely want to learn about. I am always excited to come to class.

I like the variety in the teaching methods. In other classes, lectures are the only form of teaching, which gets really boring and is not as effective as using various methods. I find that I have better attention and understanding of the material with a variety of learning methods. Also, the classroom atmosphere is very friendly, which makes it easier to learn.

The atmosphere of the class is fun and good and the teacher is fantastic. The tidbits in class are fun and interesting and I love when we were able to bring in real situations in the mechanics portion of the class. The nature of collaboration in this class is also important and labs are great because we work together to finish a lab.

I think the class is challenging, but it's very rewarding. I also like our class.

I enjoy the labs, the review sessions, and the demonstrations. The labs are fun to do and are a way to get a good assessment if you put a lot of effort into it. The demonstrations are interesting and a good learning tool. I study best in the review sessions and are a way to help solidify preparation.

I enjoy the classroom atmosphere because we have a good mix of folks in E period. The teacher is also pretty solid and maintains a healthy relationship with us, only occasionally strongly reprimanding us. The labs are also pretty solid because they're challenging yet useful and doable. Extra credit is also good because the examinations are difficult and lower your grade.

My favorite thing about this class is the teacher. I'm having a small internal dilemma over whether to refer to you in the second or third person since you are going to read this, but I guess I will just do it in second person. You are my favorite part of the class because you make it exciting and you are excited to teach it. I am personally not such a fan of the AP system, but I took this class because I knew I would enjoy it with you as the teacher, and boy was I right!

I like the class atmosphere as it is controlled. This makes it a very effective atmosphere for learning. In addition, working with other students in labs is always a fun and a good way to improve group skills in addition to physics skills. I also very much like the homework solutions as they help me learn at home.

My favorite thing about this class is probably the classroom atmosphere. Although the material is difficult the class is laid back so you don't feel overwhelmed by the topics or stressed out in class. I feel like I can ask questions and can absorb the material instead of just being panicked the whole time. It also is really fun and I feel like a genuinely enjoy class a good deal of the time.

I really like how efficiently class time is used and how many of the concepts we learn are demonstrated either in labs or physical examples. I think the lab process in general has been a really good experience and I especially appreciate how much time and freedom we're given to work on labs.

My favorite thing about this class is that even though the material is challenging, you keep the atmosphere light, so it doesn't get too stressful. I also like when you talk about concepts we're learning with real-world examples. I think you're expectations of us are also pretty fair.

I love all of the famous White stories. The class is one of the few that somehow balances a relaxed atmosphere with a hard working attitude.

I really enjoy the positivity around this course and how I don't feel like the world is over if I do poorly on a test. I also like the frequency of labs because it feels like we always have a hands on activity to go along with what we're learning that week.

The demos are pretty liddy. Like the electron one.

The textbook is easy to understand and helps me cover lost ground when I'm totally spaced out during lectures because I've slept too little, which is entirely because I watch too much TV and play video games. The powerpoints are also useful for the aforementioned reasons. The extra credit is amazing, and allows for us to make mistakes on our tests and learn from them, and overall I feel I have a solid understanding of the material for this course thanks to the straightforward instruction.

I really enjoy the labs in this class, which help me visualize the sometimes abstract concepts we learn.

I really like the way the class is run and I also just really like Physics. I think the way you teach is very engaging.

My favorite thing about the class are the labs and the way that Mr. White interacts with all the students.

I really enjoy the material being taught. Mr. White always makes himself available outside of class for questions if I have them. He's very enthusiastic about the material and teaches in a way that's clear and makes sense. I like how he'll show derivations in class because I like seeing where the equations we use come from and how everything fits together.

I really like how the class is very organized and also the availability of Extra Credit Points. I feel that the Extra Credit opportunities in the course really allow me to learn from my mistakes and actually revisit the material that was difficult for me rather than shy away from it. In a way, it gives me "room" to mess up and recover, which I don't often receive from my other classes. Also, I appreciate the instructor's enthusiasm, leniency and lack of judgement towards students if they don't do quite as well on an assessment or two.

class atmosphere, lecture style

I really enjoy the labs we do in each of the units. I also like that you sometimes intersperse class periods with Youtube videos (educational or otherwise), which I feel keeps things interesting. I also like that, to an appropriate point, you are willing to indulge students when they go on tangents that are fascinating (but not always directly related to what we are learning). This makes me feel that you really care about us as people and thinkers and are not just concerned with us as we relate to the AP Physics curriculum. And I really appreciate the Extra Credit opportunities you give us!

I enjoy how although the class is interesting and has a lot of material in it, we still have time to mess around and play. That is something that is truly important when it comes to school and needing to debrief a bit, especially with seniors and the college. It's nice to have this class in every aspect.

I enjoy the labs and computer simulations that we do because it gives me a visual representation of how everything we learn during class works together. I gain a better understanding through this type of learning rather than reading notes or seeing graphs.

I appreciate the Powerpoint slides in addition to Mr. White's lectures because they make the lessons very clear and informative. Though it is a lot of material, he does a great job of streamlining the material to make it easier for us students. I also like the demonstrations he does while we look on and observe.

If this class weren't graded I'd really love it. Right now I have a love-hate relationship with it because it's pretty hard for me (especially since I don't test particularly well). So I guess I could say I like everything about the class except for homework and tests. I really like the extra credit problems!

I enjoy the demonstrations and labs.

I like how you (Mr. White) derive all of the formulas we use in our equations in front of us so we really know where they're coming from.

The classroom atmosphere, the teaching methodology, the powerpoint presentations, and the slight digressions to watch youtube videos are my favorite thing.

The material is interesting and class interactions are always a good balance between informative and fun.

29. Which achievements in here are you most proud of for the year-to-date? I'm most proud of my growing independence in this class over the year. In the beginning of the year, I would double check every single part of my labs with my friends because I was so sure that I had done everything completely wrong. This classroom is a sort of intimidating environment as it attracts some of Poly's most intense students, so I often felt self-conscious contributing in class earlier in the year, but I think I have moved on from that. Now, even though the work in my labs is exactly the same, I feel confident enough in it to trust myself that the work is correct!

I'm proud of my occasional high test scores because they come after I studied for a test, which means that when I put my mind to it and study solidly I can do well which is rewarding.

I am proud of my ability to stay mostly on top of homework and keep test scores higher than I expected. Additionally, some of the extra credit problems had some great eureka moments.

I am proud of grade I got on the last unit test. I found it rewarding to do the second semester extra credit and to try making the capacitors.

I feel like I have a thorough understanding of elementary physics principles in relation to one another, so if I forget any particular aspect, I can regrow that particular branch from the stuff that it was connected to.

I thought I did particularly well on the midterm and the electric potential test. I thought I had absorbed and understood the material quite well going into the test and it was rewarding to see my efforts validated.

I'm pretty proud of my Rolling Objects lab -- I spent a lot of time on it and it really helped me understand rotational energy and inertia. I've always liked big project-type assignments.

Honestly, making it out of the first semester with an A was a huge accomplishment for me. After a strong start, I began to regress as the material became more foreign and difficult. I persevered and studied diligently, so I felt that this was a huge tangible accomplishment. Specifically, I struggled with the concept of torque, but through the slides and labs, I now take pride in having a clearer understanding of that unit.

I'm proud of my midterm exam because I thought it was pretty difficult while I was taking it, but I think the knowledge that I gained and the concepts I learned to piece together helped me reach a score I was happy with. I'm also proud of my midterm exam because since it was an AP-style midterm, it helped me be more comfortable with what the actual AP exam would be like.

I am proud of being able to get a C on a test and to not worry about it too much. I have been a grade-oriented person for a good portion of my life, and this class has helped to remind me that not every point matters and that it will all be okay. (:

I am proud of the Rolling Objects Lab because I spent a long time working on the lab, thinking about it, and put a lot of effort into creating the final product. I am also proud of the last test we took. Even though students tend to do better on this test, it was the highest test grade I've received all year and the first time that my test grade, even without the extra credit points, was above the class average. It was rewarding to see that the hard work that I put in studying for the test paid off.

My improvement in lab report quality

I honestly think that my greatest achievement in this class is simply making it this far in the class itself. I don't really consider myself a math person and I honestly took the course to simply push myself and try something new. From what I've heard about the rigor of this course, I was actually pretty frightened in the beginning of the year and I assumed I would be one of the first people to drop the course, but I somehow managed to learn the material better than I expected and have actually enjoyed all of the concepts we've learned. I've also gained more confidence in my mathematical and analytical abilities.

I think I've done well in this class in terms of tests and labs, which is especially rewarding to me because I intend to major in physics in college (and maybe become a physicist/physics professor). I've enjoyed learning the material, especially E&M, which I find super interesting.

I am most proud of my midterm and my rolling objects lab, as I put a lot of effort into them and was able to see that effort in my results.

I'm proud of my lab reports.

Getting a 100% on an assessment (granted, it wasn't a full test, but still, throw me a bone here).

My favorite little moments of achievement are when I get a hard homework problem right completely on my own, because that's when I know I'm beginning to actually grasp the subject.

I got a 100% on my last test!! But really my proudest achievement was finding creative ways to solve the fifth problem on each extra-credit.

The achievement I am the most proud of is the rolling objects lab at the end of the first semester. I thought we did a good job designing the actual experiment and it felt like we created a pretty good experiment/write-up independently.

Every time I do well on a test it feels really good because the material is so difficult. I'm also pleased with how I did on the rolling objects lab because it felt like I really understood the material.

The Rolling Objects Lab is probably the achievement that I am most proud of. I liked being able to design our own experiment and having all of the responsibility for getting in done, making sure it worked, collecting the data, etc. The lab was really time consuming and difficult to manage but when I had my finished product I was so proud of it. I also feel like I learned a lot while doing the lab not only about the material but about computer processing, creating images, etc. Also proud of my labs in general and doing well on tests.

I'm quite proud of my rolling objects lab. Even though it took quite a bit of work, the result is very aesthetically pleasing and rewarding.

I am most proud of my midterm multiple choice because I did well and I spent a lot of time preparing for it. I felt it solidified my basic knowledge of every unit.

That one time I got the best grade in the class on a test was pretty nice. It's very rewarding to see a really good test score, especially after a bad one or a really bad one, of which there are also examples.

Being able to somehow maintain an A- in the first semester made me really proud in the first semester. Especially meaningful were the tests where I came away with high marks including the one quiz I got that was 100%.

I am proud of how much I have learned this year. If I had seen a recent problem at the beginning of the year, I would have no idea of what to do. Also, at the beginning of the year, when we had to print out the equation sheet, it looked incredibly hard and there were a lot of variables and symbols I had never seen. Now, I know pretty much all of it, and it is nice to know how much I have learned. I am also proud of the work I did for my rolling objects lab.

Rolling objects lab, failing the electric fields test and then bouncing back to get an A- on the most recent test, the 2 extra credit assignments, the focus I have had in studying for tests.

30. List a few of your least favorite things about this class. I sometimes dislike the homework. Often, it is helpful and I have a greater understanding of the material after I complete it, but some nights there are too many problems that are very repetitive. I get tired of doing the same problem multiple times and end up copying the solutions, which just wastes time because I end up not understanding it.

It is possibly the most difficult class I've taken, which is what I knew I was signing up for. I knew the tests would be hard, I didn't know there would be so much graded homework that I often can not consistently complete. I lost so many points 3rd quarter because of late work. I eventually turned in all the assignments and did every piece of work, but the lateness cost me my first semester grade. I think im burnt out, and I want to continue to learn more physics, but the busy work at home that is supposed to help, for me, just makes it harder to stay afloat.

The nights that we have a ridiculous amount of homework, I have spent 2 hours on a single assignment before. Also, Mr. Fletcher's solutions have a lot of errors and I learn really well from following someone else's work so that had made it tougher for me on some problems, there are also many that are missing.

The assignments are very monotonous, usually consisting of many similar problems one after the other, and they're very uneven sometimes, i.e. one night has 15 problems and the next has 3. It's not as bad as AP Chemistry, though.

The nature of the assignments and how you are almost forced into looking at the answers for help is my least favorite part of this class because you can't really work through a problem that you don't know in a reasonably timed manner.

The homework is sometimes really long and the solutions being available online incentivizes copying, especially when time is of the essence. I feel like shorter homeworks with more daily checks could increase actual homework doing. I also really don't like the abstract variable based nature of a lot of the AP problems, but then again you can't really do much about that.

My least favorite thing about this class is how fast it moves. I know that we need to in order to cover all the material, but sometimes it's just too fast for me. Sometimes I feel like I understand the material when we are covering it in class, but then I take a step back outside of class and realize I have no idea what we've been talking about for the past week.

The concept of torque and angular physics are difficult to grasp. The textbook is also obnoxiously long, and I only use it for homework seemingly useless. PDFs are cool though.

Sometimes labs are really annoying because we have so many of them and they are so time consuming. Also sometimes the material is really dense and it's hard to pay attention in class. I also think some of the homework is so much more complicated than what we are doing that I just have to copy the answers down I don't feel like I am learning.

I guess the point of the rigor of the class is that we take both AP physics subjects but it still feels a lot sometimes. On the other hand taking only one of the APs would probably be too slow for the entire year. I guess that's the AP's fault.

I think sometimes the homework assignments get to be pretty lengthy, so sometimes I find it hard to complete all of them as thoroughly as I would like to. However, it does help that you are flexible with the due dates. Another thing that I'm not a huge fan of is when we get on tangents during class--not like funny tangents but super in-depth ones that just get confusing. That's probably just me, though.

Some nights I feel swamped by the homework. You have generally been good about long homework nights but sometimes I do 7-8 problems for one night and it feels unmanagible.

I would say that my least favorite parts of the course are inherent in the course, like just the sheer difficulty of it and the amount of material that has to be learned in a small timeframe.

Sometimes the schedule feels a little compressed. nbd tho

The tests, but to be fair if they weren't as difficult as they are, I wouldn't have as much motivation to learn the material and as such I wouldn't be as prepared for the AP.

The textbook is not that useful to me and sometimes makes concepts more complicated than they actually are.

The homework seems much harder than problems we would run into on the AP. Tests are hard (but this was expected).

The tests, of course, are super stressful and difficult, especially after what seems like tons of good preparation, I still seem to do not as well as I would have liked. Sometimes the labs can be a little stressful simply because they seem fast-paced and I don't always understand how to set up the equipment right away.

Inconsistent distribution of workload

Although they are necessary, the tests are my least favorite thing about this class. They have been the greatest challenge for me to address.

I didn't like the beginning of the year as much when we were a little bit more rowdy. Although I love it when we are playing games and having fun in class, such as going on little detours to see if we can find a pigeon explode, I do not like it (in any class) when the students are talking or making jokes when the teacher is teaching. I like having time for absorbing the material and focus and having that time separated from when we are crazy.

The only thing I don't like about the class is that the subject is difficult.

The only frustrating part is when students disrupt the flow of the class through excessive commentary and side chatter. It makes the lesson choppy, and we learn less material as a result.

I am sometimes not a fan of the atmosphere when people are clearly disrupting class and not becoming aware of this fact. This disrupts and distracts the teacher and other students and causes unnecessary tension.

The homework problems are a bit dense, and the textbook could be a bit more easy to navigate. The lab reports are also kind of tedious. These are all things that I do not enjoy, but that does not necessarily mean that they are not important to our learning process.I think we should keep the lab reports.

There's a fair amount of homework, which isn't that big of an issue for me, but is probably my least favorite, relatively.
31. What has been most difficult or challenging for you up to this point? What strategies have you considered for meeting those challenges? Sometimes, the concepts we learn in class are very conceptually difficult. Normally, this does not pose a problem, but when this coincides with being busy with other work, doing the homework becomes harder, and so my understanding of the material suffers. I try to stay on top of things despite this, but sometimes I just have to cram.

The most challenging things in this course have been the tests and a few of the more difficult homework problems. I have worked out a studying method for the tests (do the practice test, look at the answer key, review the powerpoints, and then redo the problems i got wrong on the practice test) and when a homework problem becomes too hard, I check out the answer key.

Probably missing the first week of second semester, but I read the textbook, which was surprisingly good, and I got most of it.

Dealing with procrastination. I have settled into a routine where I do all my studying the night before the test, which is fairly stressful for me. While it is a bit stressful, it has led to solid results on tests, and I am therefore not inclined to change my routine.

The tests are definitely hard for me. I'm not too good at doing math under pressure, and I'm not really sure how to remedy that issue. I really enjoyed the one collaborative test we had because it allowed me to double-check my procedure with those around me. I'm going to try taking the practice tests under similar time constraints as the real tests and see where that gets me...

The second semester has been a struggle thus far, partially due to outside circumstances. I find it harder to conceptually grasp the topics of electricity and magnetism. I need to devote even more time than I did during the first semester to improve my test scores.

Thinking conceptually has been the most difficult for me. I can understand each individual problem on its own, but when it's put into a different and unfamiliar context, I have difficulty recalling the things I already know about the concept and finding connections or comparisons between the lessons. I think finding more practice problems can help me understand the different types of problems and help me familiarize myself with the concepts more.

I like to do as many problems as possible before a test to do as much as I can. Many times, there is not a lot of practice problems to do if I want to keep working on the same type of problem, yet I have found some great online workbooks instead.

Keeping up with homework has at times been a struggle, and I want to prepare more thoroughly for tests. For the second, I should go back to regularly correcting homework and start on the practice test earlier (and possibly review class notes).

For me, the tests are always super difficult, because for some reason, I feel comfortable with the material when I learn it in class and work on it through the homework, yet whether it is due to blanking out randomly or misinterpreting the questions, I can never fully reproduce the same understanding of the material while taking the test like I am usually able to do in my other classes. Some strategies that have actually helped me with this challenge is looking up practice multiple choice problems on learnapphysics or the internet in general and while also practicing problems on the practice tests and powerpoint slides.

Sometimes when we'll start a particularly challenging unit, I'll feel a bit taken aback at first. I'll either research online or read the textbook and that helps a lot. Usually it's just a matter of doing some practice problems or talking about it with a friend until it clicks.

Test taking strategies have been the hardest for me, but lately I found that relaxing a bit more before the test is helpful, along with doing practice AP problems.

Honestly, as much as I love it, this class is really hard for me in terms of concepts and understanding ideas. I also just need more self-discipline in terms of work ethic and studying habits.

For me, the pace is a bit fast. When I get behind, I find it takes extra effort to to catch up.

The tests - I've adopted a myriad of strategies, and what seems to work for me is just consistently doing the homework, combined with reading the textbook a couple times and canvassing the powerpoints / hw solutions / practice test before the tests.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to study for a physics test, and once I started actually reading the textbook things got a lot easier.

I still don't really know what a magnetic field is. I should look it up online to finally wrap my head around the concept.

A big challenge for me has been recovering after I do badly on tests. My test grades have been pretty up and down so far, so I've had to learn how to recover fast after I do badly. Also, I've never scored as badly as I have on some of your tests, so it took me some time to be ok with that.

It's really hard to keep up with homework. I guess that's the point of having a rigorous course and very important for learning the material, but it's really easy for me to get behind. I should probably just make myself do it I don't really think there's an alternative strategy.

Some of the material in the class has been really difficult. There are some units like electric fields that are just really abstract seeming and because I don't have any experience with the material I don't find it interesting, useful, or understandable. It's kinda discouraging the night before a test when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing and it's just kind of helpless.

I think once again, the concept of angular motion has been hard for me to grasp. I use the internet to help me understand some of these ideas, and for the most part it helps.

I think the most difficult thing for me in this class has been the constant workload. I've dealt with it before, and it has been fine (as I'm pretty good at time management and school work if I do say so myself), but something about the combination of the workload with everything else that comes along with senior year was more stressful than I had anticipated. I have just tried to focus a lot more and work a lot harder in order to get through it.

Doing the more variable based AP problems to test that you can like derive things from basic equations and concepts. It's hard for me because I get overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of stuff on the paper and I feel like my answers are wrong even when they aren't. I can do number problems a lot better because it allows me to tackle them piecemeal and sometimes use tactics that you can't use with variables. I should just practice those problems more, not much else for it I think.

The tests have been the most challenging part up to this point for me because I can get trapped into cramming the night before. I try to study more over the weekend and use as many strategies as possible.

Working consistently is always the biggest challenge for me, and that has obviously been the case in this class. I really fell behind in the third quarter, and now I have to make an academic comeback as well as an temperamental one to succeed in the fourth quarter. I want to finish strong, especially after seeing how bad it got last quarter.

Just literally getting all the busy work done. It's good work and I understand it's important, but I just struggle with finding any sort of motivation to continue doing the busy work every night. The tests I have no issue with, I understand that they are going to be challenging and I can study hard to get good test grades, but the nights with 6, 7, 8 homework problems I can rarely get through now, and then it all just piles up.

The electric fields unit was challenging for me. After doing badly on that test, however, I studied it more and now feel like I have a better understanding of it now.

Falling behind was really rough, obviously this was my fault but it was hard to see the letter D next to a class on engrade. Definitely a growth and learning experience though. I just had to focus extra hard to push myself to do all the homework and catch up.
32. Suggest some improvements to make the class better. Not a thing!

Not sure if it's possible, but try to keep the periods at the same progress per chapter. I feel like even accounting for the fact that E period has had one less day, they are still somewhat behind.

Mostly stuff I mentioned in my least favorite things. Honestly though, this class is really good (definitely my favorite class) so there are not too many specific problems I see.

Overall I think the class is really great and I'm so glad I took it. Maybe spending a little extra time on some of the more difficult units and less time on easier units but I don't know if that would make sense or be feasible.

There isn't much to improve, if anything distribute the homework more evenly so there aren't nights without homework and then 15 problems the next night.

I think that all the busy work is a little unnecessary, I think in half the assignments we could do better learning. The reality is that many people, including myself, are sometimes forced to copy answers no matter how much I wish I didn't have to. Because of this, I don't think I'm learning as well as I could be. If there were consistently 2-4 problems a night I think I would have much less of an issue trying to complete the homework.

More consistent homework would be nice, but other than that I think there's not a great way to avoid doing a lot of work considering how much material there is.

I would suggest having resources that we could work with during the L periods in which we don't have class. A lot of time L periods are wasted because HW is already caught up on but I could use that time to work on Physics.

A different homework setup like I said, one or two problems with daily checks so you're encouraged to work through those problems, maybe like quiz-based like in AP Chem. The other problems could still be up on the website as suggested problems for people to do.

I think the class is run pretty smoothly, so I don't really have any concrete suggestions. Maybe just to space the labs out a bit more, because sometimes when we do them back-to-back it gets kind of overwhelming.

Mr. White, I wouldn't change a single thing. Keep it up!

I wish I had started reading the textbook and studying the powerpoints before tests earlier in the year.

I would focus on units a little bit more. Sometimes they help to conceptualize the equations we derive especially when they seem to have come from nowhere. Also we need a better grasp of Calculus

I don't know how to improve this class more - considering the material and how prepared we have to be for the exam, I think the way the class currently is is a good compromise, and successfully accommodates for the well-being of students and the depth / breadth of knowledge we must have for the exam.

Alternative textbooks? Or maybe recommend some videos that explain the concepts.

Maybe a little bit more explanation on power points. They are great overall, but sometimes solutions to practice problems are not on the PDF versions.

Sometimes I'll want to look at the powerpoint from that day's class while I'm doing the homework or if I have a question, and it won't be online yet. A lot of the time, the powerpoint won't go up until after we've finished learning the material. I think it'd be helpful to put it on the website sooner. Other than that, this is a great class and I can't think of many suggestions.

I guess a possible improvement would be to offer Extra Credit assignments at the end of the semester rather than the beginning since ultimately, semester grades are the ones that are set in stone, and for seniors especially, these can be crucial in the college process. It would definitely create less stress and anxiety.

I know that there is a lot of material to be covered, but if there were a way to intersperse the Powerpoint slides with some other activity or method of informational delivery, that could be helpful, since I find it a little challenging sometimes to remain 100% engaged throughout the entire hour-long class periods.

I think it would be helpful if we could have the slides on the website prior to starting each unit so I can print them out beforehand and focus on adding extra notes or side concepts the teacher is explaining rather than copying down what's on the slide already.

Some lessons can be a bit draining, especially if there is a lot of material to cover on a particular day. I think incorporating more visual demonstrations like simulations would be more interesting and make the material more comprehensible than reading words on a slide, which can sometimes be difficult when the topics are new.

Maybe more big assignments and fewer small ones? The extra credit problems are just a lot more fun (and help me learn more effectively)

More demonstrations or generally more activities to break up long periods of lecturing. This could even just be having people do problems on the board in the back of the room.

What if you gave labs without guidelines and had us derive the equation for something from the data we collected, for example the goal of the rolling objects lab could be to derive the equation for moment of inertia. I don't think students get enough practice resolving uncertainty, which could be helped by throwing them into a sea of chaos and forcing them to make it ordered. Although this would probably be extremely difficult, akin to telling a child that right triangles are special and expecting to get Pythagoras's theorem. It could be really cool though.

Maybe you could modify the schedule so that we weren't learning the next unit before taking the previous' unit's test.

Maybe more clear lab due dates?
33. Other comments? All around, this is one of the more enjoyable classes I've taken at Poly.

I wanted to add that I'm very appreciative of all the work that Mr. White does for us. He has a very clear vision and is always looking to improve the work he can do.

I am very grateful to have Mr. White. He's an amazing teacher to have and is extremely supportive and caring for all of his students. I am so happy to have a teacher who is willing to move a test a day or two to work with our schedule. He's a pleasure to have in class to teach us hard material along with joking around to make us smile every day. (:

Overall, it's been a great year!

Thanks for a great year of AP Physics Mr. White! Even though it's been tough, I'd do it all over again given the chance.

Out of all my Poly classes, I think I've learned the most in this one.

I really enjoy this class, thanks for being an awesome teacher! I don't think it would be half as great or digestible if you weren't such a great teacher.