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Opening Classes (Schedule TBA). CLASS: Course overview, course website, classroom computers, your own computer, the Terminal. HANDOUT: Course Overview. PROJECT-Biography CLASS: the course server, logins/passwords, bash shell, basic bash commands, directory structure, OS X vs. Windows vs. Linux, confirm Java and BlueJ are installed on your computer. Get flash drive. HANDOUT: Course Resources. ACTIVITY: Navigating with Command Line. ACTIVITY: Flash drive search. Change password on server. ACTIVITY: Primes CLASS: WKSHT: Navigating due. Discuss PROJECT: Backing Up Your Data, due next Thursday evening on the server. Hardware, software, programming, levels of programs, development environments, text editors, filenames and extensions. IN-CLASS: Write and run Hello World program in Terminal. Demo uploading to server using scp.

COMP: Complete Introductory Assignment. HW: Read Chapter 1; complete WKSHT: Navigating with Command Line. COMP: Change password on server. HW: Do Review Exercises R1.1, R1.5, R1.6, R1.7, R1.8, R1.9, on paper, by hand. Complete Online Reading Quiz-Origins of Computing. COMP: Upload to server.
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Labor Day Holiday Day 3 CLASS: Types of errors, debugging. More shell commands. Development cycle, code-compile-debug cycle. ACTIVITY-Reflection. IN-CLASS: Code Sabotage. DEMO: Computer sabotage. CLASS: Test-Unit 1 (Chapter 1). DISCUSSION: Objects and Classes, Variables, Assigning values to variables. Calling Methods, Constructing objects. IN-CLASS: Practice Exercise E2.1 (, E2.9, E2.7. Day 3

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Review Chapter 1 and notes for test. HW: Read Ch 2, sections 2.1-2.3. Do R2.1, R2.3, R2.4, R2.5. COMP: Do Programming Exercise E2.2 ( and upload to server. Complete PROJECT-Backing Up Your Data C2, E2, G2, L, F2
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CLASS: Accessor and mutator methods; method parameters and return values; implementing a test program, the API documentation, object references; An Introduction to BlueJ. Day 5 CLASS: Review Do E2.14 in class. Do Project P2.8, CLASS: Instance variables and Encapsulation; Specifying the Public Interface of a Class; Commenting the Public Interface. DEMO: CLASS: Implementing a Class (variables, constructors, methods); Unit Testing; Categories of Variables; Implicit and Explicit Parameters. DEMO:

HW: Read Ch 2, sections 2.4-2.8. Do R2.12, R2.13, R2.14, R2.15. COMP: Do Project 2.1, for next class. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 COMP: Upload; Complete Online Reading Quiz-Computer Science Cheating HW: Read Sections 3.1-3.3; Do R3.1, R3.2, R3.6, R3.7. HW: Read Sections 3.4-3.7. COMP: Do Practice Exercises E3.6 and E3.7, and upload to server.
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Day 3 CLASS: Do E3.11, E3.12, E3.15, P3.7 in class Day 5 CLASS: Test-Unit 2 (Chapters 2, 3) CLASS: Numbers; Arithmetic-Operations, Incrementing, Integer Math, Powers & Roots, Conversion, Calling Static Methods; Reading Input; Formatting Output; Do E4.3 (, E4.4 ( in class

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Review Chapters 2 and 3, notes for test. Multiple Choice. Short answer. Code analysis. Writing a class and a tester. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Complete Online Reading Quiz-Learning to Think Like a Computer HW: Read Sections 4.1-4.2; do R4.1, R4.2, R4.4, R4.6. COMP: Complete E4.3 (, E4.4 ( and upload.
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CLASS: Strings. Do E4.14, Do E4.7 (
Day 3 CLASS: The if statement; Comparing Values: Relational Operators, Comparing Floating Point Numbers w/EPSILON, Comparing Strings with .equals(), Comparing Objects, Testing for null; Multiple Alternatives: nested if-elses, the switch statement; Using Boolean Expressions: the boolean type, Boolean operators, using Boolean variables; Test Coverage. Do E5.11 in class, QuadraticEquation in class with instructor (or watch video tonight).
Day 5 CLASS:Coding Bat, Warm-Up 1

HW: Read Section 4.3-4.5; do R4.10, R4.11, R4.12, R4.13. COMP: Complete E4.7 ( and upload. C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Read Sections 5.1-5.4; do R5.1 all, R5.2 all, R5.3 all, ; COMP: Watch YouTube video of Do E5.11, E5.4, E5.7. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Read Sections 5.5-5.8; Continue E5.11, E5.4, E5.7.
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Outdoor Ed Week Outdoor Ed Week Outdoor Ed Week Outdoor Ed Week Outdoor Ed Week

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Francis Wass Day CLASS: In-class programming: E5.10, E5.16, E5.19, P5.12 . PSAT Day CLASS: In-class programming: P5.17 Day 3

HW: Read Sections 5.5-5.8; COMP: Complete programs from in class.
HW: Complete P5.17; complete Conditions Worksheet C2, E2, G2, L, F2
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CLASS: Discuss while loops, infinite loops, off-by-one errors, do loops, debugger in BlueJ. Do E6.9, E6.10, E6.11. Day 5 CLASS: Overflow; CodingBat sleepIn, nearHundred, backAround, hasTeen, monkeyTrouble CLASS: Test-Unit 3 (Chapters 4, 5); Turn in Worksheet-Conditions; CLASS: Hand-tracing, debugger in BlueJ; for loops, semicolons, Write P6.3 (

HW: Read section 6.1 in book; COMP: Complete E6.9, E6.10, E6.11. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Review for test HW: Complete Online Reading Quiz-Facebook Experiments HW: Read Section 6.2-6.3 in book; Do R6.1, R6.2, R6.3, R6.4.
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Day 3 CLASS: Sentinel values, The break and continue statements. Common Loop Algorithms. Get Worksheet-Iterations. Day 5 CLASS: Nested loops., E6.17, (, P6.5 (PrimeGenerator). CLASS: Nested loops., E6.17, (, P6.5 (PrimeGenerator).

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Read Sections 6.3, 6.7; Do R6.5, R6.8, R6.10; Complete E6.1 ( G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Upload Upload, HW: Upload Upload,
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CLASS: E6.14 (, P6.14 ( Day 3 - End of Quarter 1 CLASS: Brief introduction to Graphics in Java. ACTIVITY-Using Processing Day 5 US Writing Day

HW: Complete E6.14 (, P6.14 ( C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Upload drawing.jpg; Complete Online Reading Quiz-Google's Top Secret Data Center G3, F3, D4, L, B4