Calendar, AP Computer Science, A Period, Second Quarter, 2017-2018
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CLASS: P6.7 ( Implement graphic version using Processing. CLASS: Random numbers and simulations. Start Project-Craps CLASS: Loops and Conditionals: Project-Craps program; write .toString() for graphical dice Day 3 CLASS: Nested loops, image processing.

HW: Complete P6.7 ( HW: Read Section 6.5-6.7; COMP: Upload NumberGuessingGame. HW: Work on Craps Program; Complete Worksheet-Iterations C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Finish and upload. Study for test
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Day 5 CLASS: Test-Unit 4 (Chapter 6) CLASS: Activity: Replace letters in a String. Intro to Arrays. CLASS: Working with Arrays (Instructor gone.) Do five or more CodingBat-Java-Array1 problems and five or more CodingBat-Java-Array2 problems. Day 3

G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Upload by 23:59:59 tonight HW: Read Section 7.1, 7.2. Do R7.2, R7.3. HW: Relax C2, E2, G2, L, F2
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CLASS: Computers in Popular Culture Day 5 Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving Holiday

HW: Relax G3, F3, D4, L, B4

11/26/17 11/27/17 11/28/17 11/29/17 11/30/17 12/01/17 12/02/17

CLASS: Introduce ArrayLists, Wrappers, Auto-boxing, the Enhanced for-loop. Examine (from instructor) and complete instructions in README.txt. Turn in Worksheet-Iterations CLASS: Go over Exercises E7.11-E7.14 in class; Simple Array Algorithms: Counting Matches, Finding the location of a Value, Finding Max or Min. Start E7.1 CLASS: Do P7.1, P7.2 Day 3 CLASS: Discuss P7.1; Intro to 2-D Arrays; Copying arrays.

HW: Read Section 7.7. Do R7.10, R7.11; HW: Read Section 7.3. Complete E7.1. HW: Complete P7.1, P7.2 C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Read Section 7.6, Section 7.3.9.
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Day 5 CLASS: P7.5 (MagicSquares) CLASS: Project: GiftList CLASS: P7.10 Project-Game of Life Day 3

G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Complete program P7.5 (MagicSquares) HW: Complete GiftList HW: Start GameOfLife, continue GiftList C2, E2, G2, L, F2
12/10/17 12/11/17 12/12/17 12/13/17 12/14/17 12/15/17 12/16/17

CLASS: P7.10 Game of Life Day 5 CLASS: Finish, Start Project-ElfName CLASS: Get copy of and PixLab Student Handout. Do Activities 1-5 in class. CLASS: Complete Pix Lab, Activities 6-9.

HW: Continue GameOfLife; GiftList Due G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Work on, HW: Complete up to Activity 5 in Student Guide. Upload, HW: Complete up to Activity 9 in Student Guide
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Day 3 CLASS: Review for Test Day 5 CLASS: Test-Unit 5 (Chapter 7) Day 1

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Review for test. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: A1, B1, L, C1, D1, E1
12/24/17 12/25/17 12/26/17 12/27/17 12/28/17 12/29/17 12/30/17

Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break

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Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break

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CLASS: Welcome Back; Coding Bat activities Day 3 CLASS: Discovering Classes; Designing Good Methods; Intro to UML. Review from Ch 4. Do E8.1 Day 5 CLASS: Accessors, Mutators, and Immutable Classes; Side Effects; Call-by-Value vs. Call-by-Reference; Preconditions and Postconditions; assertions; Do E8.2

HW: Relax C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Read Sections 8.1, 8.2; do Exercises R8.1, R8.2. Complete E8.1. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Complete E8.2.
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Holiday-MLK, Jr. Day CLASS: Review for Midterm CLASS: Review for Midterm Exams AP Computer Science midterm

HW: Relax HW: Relax