Calendar, AP Computer Science, A Period, Third Quarter, 2017-2018
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Exams Exams CLASS: Go over problems from midterm exam.,, debugging strategies, using comments to block code, returning temp values to get compilation. Orientation for second semester. CLASS: Accessors, Mutators, and Immutable Classes; Side Effects; Call-by-Value vs. Call-by-Reference; Preconditions and Postconditions; assertions; Do E8.2 Day 3

HW: Complete E8.6 and upload HW: Work on E8.2. C2, E2, G2, L, F2
01/28/18 01/29/18 01/30/18 01/31/18 02/01/18 02/02/18 02/03/18

CLASS:Problem-Solving Patterns; Static Variables and Methods; Scope. Examples: BankAccount, RectangleTester. Complete E8.1, E8.2. Day 5 CLASS: Begin Project-OfficeSupplies CLASS: Project: OfficeSupplies CLASS: Do P8.10 (,, Processing version (Cannonball.pde, CannonballRunner.pde)

HW: Read 8.6 and 8.7 for recognition only. Upload file with and completed. G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Read Sections 8.3, 8.4; Work on Project-OfficeSupplies HW: Complete OfficeSupplies HW: Complete P8.10
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Day 3 CLASS: Guest lecturer Day 5 CLASS: Simulations, Project-RideShare CLASS: Simulations, RideShare

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Work on implementing solution to RideShare HW: Work on implementing solution to RideShare
02/11/18 02/12/18 02/13/18 02/14/18 02/15/18 02/16/18 02/17/18

CLASS: Simulations, RideShare Day 3 CLASS: Inheritance; Subclasses; Enter section_1/ and Day 5 Prof. Growth Day

HW: Complete RideShare C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Read Sections 9.1-9.2; do problems R9.2, R9.8, R9.10. G3, F3, D4, L, B4

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Presidents’ Day - Holiday CLASS: Overriding Methods; Do Program E9.11 CLASS: Polymorphism; Abstract classes, Cosmic Superclass (Object), overriding methods CLASS: introduce Project: Zookeeper Day 3

HW: Read Section 9.3; Enter section_3/ and section_3/ and ensure that they work. HW: Read Section 9.4; Work through How-To 9.1, pp 445-449. Write the BankAccount, SavingsAccount, and CheckingAccount classes as instructed and run testers to ensure that they work. HW: Complete Zookeeper C2, E2, G2, L, F2
02/25/18 02/26/18 02/27/18 02/28/18 03/01/18 03/02/18 03/03/18

CLASS: Intro to Interfaces; Using Interfaces for Algorithm Reuse; The Measurable Interface; Start E10.1 in class. Complete Zookeeper Day 5 CLASS: Interfaces; Interface Types; Comparable Interface, Interfaces for Callbacks CLASS: Interfaces; Edible Interface in class; Inner Classes; Demo: DieGame with inner classes CLASS: Overflow

HW: Read Ch10, Section 10.1. Complete E10.1 G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Read Sections 10.2, 10.3, 10.4; Upload (see handout for requirements); Do E10.10 for class tomorrow. HW: Read Section 10.5; Complete Edible Interface assignment HW:
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Day 3 CLASS: Review Interfaces: 2015 AP#4 NumberGroup, 2015 AP#2 HiddenWord Day 5 CLASS: Open Source, part 1. Hardware. Linux, Servers, VPS, Domains, LAMP, installing software. CLASS: Open Source, part 2. Software. openssl. cron jobs. Southern CA Linux Expo

C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Complete final work from recent assignments; upload to the server for testing G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Watch RMS@TEDxGeneva HW: Watch Free/Open Source Software
03/11/18 03/12/18 03/13/18 03/14/18 03/15/18 03/16/18 03/17/18

CLASS: Review Inheritance, Interfaces Day 3 CLASS: Test-Inheritance, Interfaces Day 5 CLASS: Shakespeare’s Monkeys

HW: Study for test C2, E2, G2, L, F2 HW: Relax G3, F3, D4, L, B4 HW: Complete Shakespeare’s Monkeys